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I have tried for 3 months to get the paperwork when setarass( not misspelled) they are a***s. They promised me this paperwork would be in my mailbox in two weeks. This has been going on since April. I have called repeatedly to this shithole of a company. I even had a three way conversation with Seterus and loan depot. Once again I was told it could not be fax or emailed because it contains sensitive information . Today I got a supervisor gave me a bunch of excuses about maybe the employee not being trained. Then she ask her name I said some girl apparently that was not politically correct.

She informed me that we have to be respectful and ask which “lady ” I spoke with. I told her some woman. Again I was told we must respect each other. And ask which lady. I told her again I did not know. I am pissed. Being lectured about being respectful by a 20-30 something b***h, when I’m 50 years old. When I grew up we respected our elders and did our jobs. With this company does not do what you ask . I think that’s pretty d**n disrespectful. If you can get away from this stupid, cover there a*s company I recommend it. So just say No to Seterus. They want there money on time.

But they can not give you information on time. That is disrespectful. I hope the girl that I spoke with reads this . I told her at one point that I worked ins hospital and when we didn’t do our jobs people died. She informed me she had worked at a hospital too and people die every day, maybe that’s why she works on a phone instead of the hospital. She should be fired and the girl that didn’t do her job should be fired too . Then maybe the rest of the bunch would do there job not lecture on respect. Respect has to be earned not given and this company has not eared my respect.

So if your loan is sold to this company, refinance. It’s your money they want so respect us. And maybe Seterus want have to go bankrupt , and have to beg the governor for a bailout. Cause that’s our tax dollars and I would rather see money go to the poor not the rich. So in closing I would like to express respectfully, Seterus f**k y’all.

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