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DirecTV talked me into a contract for services which, even though they continually raised prices throughout the contract period, I completed the contract and no longer trusted them enough to want to keep their service. When I tried to disconnect from them, their personnel refused to do so. Although they send emails to their customers, they do not read replies nor allow customers to email them with disconnection requests.

When I called I would have to take time off from work to do so. By the time someone finally came on the line, I was out of time. When I explained that I had no more time and just wanted to cut the service, they would not stop trying to sell me more of their services! I used the words ‘disconnect my service please, now, I do not have any more time to talk to you’ I was told to call back when I did have time!!

I work at sea and literally do not have hours to take for this. They continued billing, so I had my son disconnect all receivers and return them. I continued to get alternating nasty collection letters/sales pitch letters.

All I wanted to do was breakup from them and they would not let me do it. They charged my credit card for services for months and when I again took off of work to call them and tell them to stop, it took over an hour of holding and refusing more sales pitches. I find it very dishonest that they will allow customers to add services through their website, while at the same time you cannot discontinue their services on the website.

There is NO WAY to break up with this company without suffering through lengthy phone calls. Now they agree that I have a zero balance but are refusing to remove my credit card number from the account. I do not trust them, these are horrible ways to practice business.

I am relieved to hear that they are being investigated by the FTC for bad practices, but wonder if this is enough. They should be required to refund money to all of the people they have stolen from AND immediately change their practices.

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