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After watching an online video, I decided to try the product. There was a special advertised “3 for the price of 1” and a money back guarantee, so I invested. After receiving the cream, I tried it. Nothing special, not worth the money. The product was creamy and did not hurt my skin but it sure did not help it.

I called customer service to return it. They told me it was a “little mix-up” and they cancelled the auto-ship. She said it was advised that from now on when I buy something online, I should call customer service to verify that I am not signed up for any kind of auto-ship programs. I asked how it could be that my credit card was enrolled in a program like this without my consent – she again told me it was just a little mix up and again, that I should really have called customer service to make sure I was not enrolled.

I NEVER enrolled. I know better than that. This is a scam. There is a reason it takes 30 minutes on hold to reach their customer service department.

I am sending back the product and am hoping for a refund.

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