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I ordered one jar of the crepe correcting creme and opted for a ONE TIME purchase which is a little more expensive than buying it through an auto enrollment but I’m fine with that because I don’t do auto enrollments until AFTER I have tried the product and decide whether I like it or not.

Anyway, I received my jar and tried it and it was nothing special so I thought that was the end of it. I received another shipment from them and my card was charged. I contacted customer service and they said I had been enrolled in the auto ship and should have seen it on my first delivery. They said they would provide a refund but I am responsible for shipping it back.

Why on earth would I pay attention to the invoice if I KNOW I opted for a one time shipment! Reading the reviews I see I’m not alone with this complaint.

Such a scam! If they had great products they would not have to be shady and auto enroll people because the products would be repurchased if they were worth what they are charging for them. Bad business practices. Shame on them!

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