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I saw this product, ‘Wrinkle Rewind and Oxy Genius on Facebook. It was advertised as “Free” and all you had to do was pay the shipping of $4.95. I ordered the product and 15 days later they charged my credit card the full price of $88.49 and $79.95, twice for a total of $336.88.

When I called customer service they told me that they had sent me a full size jar and that after a 15 day trial they charge the full price to your credit card. This is such a scam! Please do not fall for this like I did. Calling them is a waste of time. The only product I ever received was the first “free trial” was the ‘Wrinkle Rewind and Serum’ but they are saying they sent both products again. They want me to go to the post office and report it lost. I don’t have time for this.

I work full time when the post office is open. My bank, Chase, is going to fight this for me, thank you God, because it’s Christmas and that is a lot of money. I will never ever ever order anything off of facebook again. What a total scam. I should have guessed what kind of company this was when the product was so cheaply packaged. I am filing a BBB complaint against this company. I had to cancel my debit card at such a bad time. I sure hope a lot of people see this.

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