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I thought I would try the face cream from Beauty and Truth as they would only charge me shipping, which was still high at $6.95. The product is not earth shattering and I will not be reordering.

Once I received my credit card bill I say the $6.95 charge in addition to an $88.49 charge.

I phoned their 800 number and was told that I was past the 14 day trial period so they charged me the full price of the product and I would be getting monthly refills as well. I said “NO” I do not want any more of the product and don’t want this one either. They said they could reduce the price to $19.99 per month. I still said “NO”. All I wanted was the $88.49 charge to go away and to never be charged again.

After much negotiation and discussion I had to agree to receive a credit of only $68.54 which means that I end up paying $26.90 for a trial of their face cream.

This is not FREE. This is a SCAM – don’t fall for it. I was promised an email confirming my credit and never received anything. I am on the phone again with them now to find out where my credit is and to ensure they don’t charge me again. I may have to put a block on my credit card for any future charges from them.

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