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I placed an order on 3/18/16 for Erase Repair and Renewing Serum and received my 30 day trial products. The products did no better than what I normally purchase at the department store (and the item in the pump container did not contain much product) so I called to cancel my membership on 4/11/16.

Two representatives would not cancel my shipment, one kept offering discounts and extended trial periods despite my clear instructions, and another claimed he could not hear me. The company number appears to be outsourced with English generally as a second language for the representative. A third phone call connected me with someone I could intelligently converse with – I discovered I had been sent 2 more shipments (on 4/2/16 and 4/5/16) for $88.49 and $98.71.

I was told I would get a 1/2 price discount of $44.24 for the first order. She did not supply an RMA # until I specifically asked for it as it is needed for my return/refund (Note: The products from 4/2 and 4/5 have not yet arrived as of 4/11). My goal is to return the 2 incoming shipments and lose only shipping costs, yet I have listed the full 2 shipments’ costs less the discount noted here as money lost since I have limited confidence my account will be properly credited.

Complaint summaries: (1) Multiple shipments sent just a few weeks into my 30 day trial period. (2) High price tag: They have their money back for the ‘free trial’ with the first premature shipment and make it back in spades with the second one sent just a few days later. (3) Terrible success cancelling the membership despite clear instructions from me. (4) Difficulty understanding the representatives.

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