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Ordered over a week before mother’s day, the site said there was an error with the shipping address, AFTER it went thru billing. Tried to correct but the site kept erroring (saved 30+ year old address that they have delivered to 3-4 times before) so I decided to try later. Then I received the order confirmation. Okkkaayyyy.

Next day received an email that there was an issue with the credit card or billing information or something. So I followed “the link”…to nothing. Confirmation was fine and order was processing on their website. Called and was told quickly the order was processing. So I let it go. Oh by the way! The $10 coupon I received would not work also. Even though the item was not already on sale or anything.

Fast forward, 2 days after mother’s day, still no delivery, so I called again. Yep issue with the credit card, not sure maybe NSF? No I think not. Besides that, I paid it through PayPal. Also a non-US call center, very heavy accent and hard to understand. Asked for a manager, she put me on hold for 10 seconds, then came back on and said they were all busy. Yes I am obviously that unimportant. She had checked and the item was out of stock (umm yeah you think!? It was for Mother’s Day!) She asked if I wanted to re-order or nullify the order. I said do you know when Mother’s Day WAS? Nullify the order. What BS.

Well Shari’s Berries has lost me as a customer. I will just go to Costco when they have the chocolate covered berries available and send a card to those too far away.

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