Had Dish in California, then moved to Texas. Told by Dish to bring my receiver with me if I was interested in re-establishig service at our new home. Got to Texas and checked for satellite and cable service providers; was told my choices here are DirecTV satellite through ATT or Time-Warner Cable, although Google fiber will be here in a couple of years. Was told Dish doesn’t service our area in Bee Cave. Went ahead and connected DirecTV instead.

Was charged for monthly service for Dish on my credit card; called and told them I had not established service in Texas. They insisted on collecting their early termination fee. Eventually reached a supervisor who was argumentative with me, but who eventually calculated my early termination fee of $320, less credits totaling $165.74, for a net of $154.26. He then reduced that by credit card payments made, for a net due of $91.80, which I authorized to pay on that card to conclude this.

Believing everything was finished, but still having the Dish receiver, I called in October to get their mailing box so I could do the right thing and return their equipment. Then I was told I owed an early termination fee of $300!! The “customer service representative” (who is apparently located in another country) had difficulty focusing on the fact that the reduced termination fee had already been paid and that all I needed was their return box. I grew frustrated and eventually told her I wanted to speak to her supervisor. Instead, I was transferred to “The Office of the President” and spoke with “Jimmy.” Jimmy insisted on the full termination fee, despite the fact that their own file notes showed the credit to be applied and the reduced total. If “arrogance” has a picture in the dictionary, it will have his face on it. He said I have to produce written proof of what their own supervisor said and written proof from my locale of what I earlier told him about having only the two providers to choose from.

What nonsense. Dish claims to emphasize “customer service,” but that is flatly untrue. I checked their listing on Yelp after this exchange and discovered that ALL the comments were highly negative and their highest rating is one star–with comments that Dish would be lower rated, but that one star is as low as Yelp goes.

Dish will give you a big sales pitch, but I strongly advise you to run the other way and find anyone else. They are not honest and actually seem to take pleasure in cheating people. Hopefully, the word will get around enough so that they either make dramatic changes or go out of business. Frankly, I would prefer the latter.

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