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This “bank” has caused my credit score to slip more than 10 points in under a month, have been wrongfully accused of missed payments, and is destroying my credit, all due to their incompetence.

On September 23 2016, I requested via Comenity Bank‘s (the credit company Restoration Hardware uses) online secure message center or my credit limit to be decreased in efforts to have less open credit on my credit report. However, after a bit more research, I realized this was not a suitable action to take in efforts to increase my (already good) credit score. Less than an hour later, I followed up via the secure message center saying, “Please disregard this message. I believe it’s better to keep it as is.”

My second message was ignored, and on the following Monday, Comenity Bank decreased my limit without so much as contacting me (or reading my message asking them to leave it as is). I responded that same morning within the hour as soon as I received the notification that it had been decreased, asking them to restore my credit limit as it was issued originally. I did not receive a follow up to that message until later that night. They asked me to request a credit limit increase. This was not a credit limit increase request, it was asking them to simply restore my original credit limit since I asked them to disregard my original request in the first place. I responded exactly 10 minutes later asking them to restore my original credit limit again. I did not receive a response to my request to restore my credit limit until two days later, after business hours on a Thursday night, where they simply asked me to call a number to discuss. Asking for a credit limit increase would only further negatively impact my credit rating.

Monday of the following week, after I spent more than 30 minutes on the phone with various representatives at the number I was told to call, I was told that I would have to request a credit limit increase which will hit my credit score because I did not “request it to be restored straight away,” which was completely untrue, being that I responded to the message asking for this to be done explicitly, on the same day I was informed it was decreased, TWICE.

I was informed I would have to dispute their decision in writing, so I immediately composed a letter and sent it off. That was on October 5th (2016).
I followed up last week on October 21 via their “secure message center” online, more than two weeks later as I have not heard anything from them as far as a resolution, as I was originally told it would take 10 business days to hear back. I was told the following, which is completely untrue.

“Please be informed that your RH account is current. However, our records indicate that your credit limit has been reduced to ZERO [emphasis mine] due to the recent past due payments. You may continue to make on time payments and watch your monthly billing statement for a credit limit increase. You may call us anytime at 1-866-522-8014 and request us to review your account by asking us to process a credit limit increase for you or kindly resubmit your request including your annual salary and we will process your request.”

I have NEVER missed a payment, have paid a month in advance and even signed up for their automatic payments! To reiterate, my credit score has slipped more than 10 points in less than a month because of their complete incompetence, neglect, and incorrect accounting and business practices.
I am furious and would recommend anyone thinking of opening up a credit line with Comenity Bank to go elsewhere – just get a 0% credit card, use that and be done with it.

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why are they doing this to everyone?they are trying or doing it.ruining peoples credit.wanting me to pay for something I have already paid for.and have proof.i get a bill every month and a late fee.go to the state attorney general on line and file a complaint and consumer protection division and spread the word.


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