I had the misfortune of choosing Ava’s Flowers to deliver flowers to my friend for her 30th birthday. I could have gone with any other flower company but unfortunately I chose Ava’s Flowers.

Not only were my flowers never delivered at all, nor delivered prior to the 1:00 pm delivery time that I paid extra for, but I was called 1 1/2 hours after the 1:00 pm end delivery time frame I was given with an urgent call to provide $50 more dollars (over the $68 I had already spent) or my flowers wouldn’t be delivered. I asked to be transferred to a manager and sat on hold for 15 minutes before finally being prompted by the automated system to leave a call back number so that someone could call me back 4 hours later to resolve my issue.

By that time it would have been completely impossible to have my friend’s flowers delivered not only by Ava’s, but by anyone else for that matter. Because I am persistent, and only because I am persistent I attempted to utilize the automated system for 2 hours; being hung up on several times and begging the agent not to put me on hold so that I could speak to a manager. Each time I was put back in the automated system and prompted after 10 minutes of holding to leave a call back number for a call back hours later. If I tried to just stay on the line to wait for an agent it would just eventually hang up on me.

Finally, at 5:30 pm that night I received a call from a man named Luis who said he was going to transfer me to his manager Edgar who proceeded to provide me with the worst customer service I have ever received in my entire life! Edgar fought with me for over an hour refusing to refund me my entire amount even though my flowers had never been delivered nor ever were going to be delivered. He said that because my friend “lived out in the middle of nowhere” that there was no florist they could find who would deliver for the “small amount I paid” and that if I would just work with him and give him more money, they could maybe deliver my flowers. I said that I didn’t want to give him any more money and that when I put my friend’s address and zip code in the website it just told me the amount to pay and gladly took my money.

At this point I assumed everything would be fine. Edgar said that I couldn’t receive my full amount back because they had to pay their employees for the time they spent calling around and it wasn’t fair for me to expect all of my money back even though no flowers were ever going to be delivered. By the way, I ordered these flowers on Wednesday to be delivered that Saturday and at no point did anyone ever call or email me prior to that to tell me that my order wouldn’t be delivered and that more money would be required.

Edgar then proceeded to bounce back and forth telling me several different dollar amounts that he would refund me and even said that we were only a few dollars off so I should just be happy with what he was offering me. He told me several times to just be quiet and still insisted that he would not give me my full amount back under any circumstances.

When I demanded to talk to another manager, he told me they would tell me the same thing and that I was more than welcome to call back and get into the automated system and ask for a manager. I told him that I was going to report Ava’s Flowers to the BBB and that I will write a negative review on every single review website that I can (which I fully intend to do). He stated that it was “against the law” for him to give me the service fee back. We literally went back and forth for over an hour fighting and he still refused to refund my whole amount.

Finally after I pushed Edgar to show me where on the website it states that it is “against the law” for him to give me my entire amount back, he came back on the line and said that he had “good news” and that he was going to issue me my full amount. He rattled off a transaction number at hyper speed for me to write down and asked if he could help me with anything else and then hung up on me.

I must say that I have NEVER dealt with a company as completely and utterly horrible as Ava’s flowers. From the impossible to navigate automated system to the incompetent “managers”, this has by far been one of the worst experiences of my entire life and I am still traumatized from the situation weeks later.

I fully intend to make sure my story is told so that no one else has to go through what I went through. Had I not been the fighter I am, I would have had to eat the $68 and simply cut my losses.

I refuse to let Ava’s Flowers take advantage of anyone ever again!

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