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My Husband and I ordered 2 dozen roses to be sent to our friends 50th wedding anniversary on the Saturday before Labor Day. The pictures looked awesome on their website.

On that Saturday we received an email notification that the flowers were delivered before 7 AM. We thought that was very odd and could possibly have been a mistake. But were we WRONG. They were left on our friends front deck with no one alerting the people that a delivery had arrived.

When our friends found them on the deck they looked like they had been around for quite a while and were about ready to be thrown out. Needless to say, they were trash when their wedding anniversary was just 2 days later.

Our friends let us know tonight that the flowers arrived in terrible shape and the roses were in such bad shape that they didn’t really enjoy them. They really didn’t want to tell us but because we asked, they wanted us to know what a sorry company this was and the garbage flowers they received.

They checked this company out and found several complaints but when they went to their website all they found was favorable responses. Be careful with doing business with this company unless you want to be disappointed. This took place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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