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I ordered flowers for my sister’s birthday online. I received a phone call on the day of delivery that some of the flowers in the order are not available and they would like my permission to change the colors.

Mid-sentence the woman on the phone says “I am just getting word that the truck has left for the day and your delivery will have to be tomorrow” Bear in mind…this was at 1 in the afternoon, unlikely the truck “just left”. Next day, no flowers and I cannot get through to ANYONE on their 800 number. Upon NUMEROUS call backs, I get an automated option of when to receive a call back….that time comes and goes….No Call (surprise surprise).

Then later that night, about 9pm on the 23rd, they send an email that the flowers will be delivered as scheduled on 3/22/16. Oh really? Do they have a freakin time machine? This company is likely a scam and not a florist at all.

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