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Awful experience! I ordered flowers on November 24, 2015 for a funeral of a good friend that passed away. The first person could not understand English and he messed up my order. He said he was also having phone problems.

Talked to the second customer service rep named Dee an hour later. Assured me the delivery would be on time since the viewing was from 10-11 and burial was at noon on 11/27/2015. Also they were going to send me a picture of the flowers. I told Dee that I would cancel my order if anything was going to be an issue. He said that I couldn’t cancel my order because he talked to the designer and the order was placed.

Never happened.

Today I was just told by the rep Peter that I can’t speak to a manager because there is not on around. He said I can not get a refund because the flowers were delivered by noon. He said there was not a guarantee for the delivery time of the flowers, even though I was told by Dee that there was a guarantee.

My friend was being buried at noon. Who has the flowers is my question?

I never got a conformation of any delivery. Worst customer service ever! I will call back until I get my refund and I will file as many complaints as I can so no one else has to go through this nonsense.

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