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If they had a zero that is what I would have given them. I ordered the Blooming Basket upgraded to Premium for the funeral of a close neighbor. What I got was a small disheveled basket of cheap green plants with a little begonia in the front. The small “ribbon” was on the back of the basket & the filler was that cheap plastic green film.

When I got home from the viewing (8 pm) I immediately called & was told nothing could be done before the 10am funeral the next day. She said the florist only had a vague description of what was supposed to go in the arrangement & didn’t have a picture. (What – she couldn’t look at the website to see it?)

They asked if I took pictures & I said no because it was rude to take pictures at a funeral home with the family present. She insisted that I had to have pictures. I made a special trip to the funeral home at 8:30 the next morning & was escorted to the viewing room. When asked which one was mine, he said “what, that little one on the end?”

When he looked at it he said “it looks like it was arranged by Stevie Wonder”. Basically he told me I got ripped off & that they were just a call center & not a real local florist, and that they see this problem all the time.

Customer service is a joke. I called several times & was always told that someone would get back with me. The last time I spent 64 minutes on the phone with many “may I put you on hold while I review this?” only to be sent to another person & go through the same routine. When I demanded to be connected to a superior I was passed on to “Executive Customer….(can’t remember the rest of Sarah’s long title) she also put me on hold and after about 5 minutes my phone was cut off.

I called back & was told a message was passed to Sarah who was on another call and would call me back in a few minutes. That was several days ago. In short, I was offered an apology and 10% or $20 off a future order. Like I’d ever order from them again!!! As for the deluxe card, it was a blank small sheet of paper folded over with the message typewritten.They had our names in the paragraph instead of down below. Very sloppy & less that what other florists provide for free.

My husband ended up apologizing for the basket to the family. We usually send very nice arrangement to funerals – not something you picked up at Home Depot or Lowes. I was very embarrassed that what was advertised as $114.99 on “Thursday special” sale for $67.99 turned out so bad. I was expecting so much more.

My lesson learned is to make sure I am ordering from a bricks & mortar shop and not an online dole it out to a whomever will take it ghost shop. With the pictures attached, you can see the difference between what I ordered (only upgraded from the shown deluxe to Premium) and what they delivered.

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