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I ordered an expensive arrangement for my sister and brother-in-law to celebrate their 39th anniversary. I received an e-mail from Ava’s that driver “Georgia” left it on their porch. I thought that odd because they’re retired and seldom both go out at the same time because of an elderly parent who lives with them.

I called them the next morning to confirm receipt of the arrangement. They never received anything.

My contact with Ava’s in NJ was ambivalent at best. I was told they’d have to contact the local florist in my area to see what happened. I’ve had a # of e-mails from the corporate office, but absolutely no resolution. They claim because I gave the wrong area code for my sister’s phone # that they aren’t responsible. Excuse me, but isn’t the delivery address the sole important piece of information. Who knows on whose porch “Georgia” left the expensive arrangement?

The local office has refused to replace it, and corporate office is ignoring me now. I have disputed the cc charge so I can be refunded for something not received.

Please be really smart and only use local florists and not some run-of-the-mill out of state florist no one has ever heard of. This has been a real aggravation, and my sister and brother-in-law STILL don’t have an anniversary gift from me.

The arrangement with anniversary card was just under $100 — and they don’t want to correct their error? How nice for them. Con artists is more like it!! My recommendation is to stay away from this company if they are in your area!!

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