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DO NOT USE Ava’s Flowers!

Hideous experience: I had ordered a lovely small bouquet displayed on the Ava Flowers website and labored over the content of a sympathy note to be attached. They advertised same day delivery. I was sending the note and flowers because I could not be with family friends for a funeral/ “Celebration of Life” following death of loved one to be held on Sunday.. Order was placed on Friday early AM…

I received several texts asking me to call which I did and their electronic system said the problem was being solved, but did not identify what the issue was.

On Saturday, I again received texts and when I called to see why, I was told it would cost me $30 more for this item and it could be delivered on Monday. I explained that the $50 I had already spent was excessive for a nosegay, that I did not want to spend more money, that the Monday delivery date was too late (the funeral service would be over) and that I would just like to cancel the order and receive a refund. I asked to speak to a supervisor, was told there was not one on duty and that my choice was extra charge and Monday delivery or “in store” credit.

I called back 7 times that afternoon and was put on hold repeatedly, cut off, transferred to an electronic call back scheduling message which also said not available and cut me off. I sent an email and was told I would need to talk to someone to complete the cancellation, but was never able to get through to anyone.. I used this service instead of FTD because the ad led me to believe it was a family owned business in the town in which the recipient lived, not a big and flawed nationwide outfit.

I feel Ava’s Flowers misled me, communicated poorly and refused to cancel and refund when they were unable to deliver what and when I had contracted and relied –even though that is what I repeatedly requested, and it even states in their on-line materials that they will do so.

These people are impossible to deal with. I feel I have been swindled out of my $50 since I find there is no way to get a refund, and worse still my sympathy note and bouquet never reached the bereaved friends.

BEWARE: NEVER USE THIS COMPANY.. It may be a shell that just takes your money and is no florist whatsoever. I intend to report them to my a State Attorney General to be put on their consumer fraud watch list. But save yourself money and aggravation !

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