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AT&T and Directv horrible together!

Several weeks ago now, I placed a order off a promotional flyer from AT&T offering to bundle a Directv Account with my AT&T internet account for $50.00 a month for the Directv Service. I cancelled my Dish Network Service (mistake no. 1) and called AT&T and ordered the promotional Directv Service. The AT&T representative was extremely nice taking my order and then transferred me to (I assume a Directv Representative) who reviewed my order and gave me an installation date, after charging me $21.00 and some change for shipping of the equipment that didn’t even come to me, it went to a installer. The installation was set for the following Friday between 12 and 4 pm.

On that Friday I received a call from a installer named Chad ( I believe was his name) and advised me he would be at my residence, I advised him that I had a metal roof on my home and asked him to mount the dish to the pole that the Dish Network system was currently sitting on. The installer advised that they could not use a dish pole any longer and would have to put up a new pole ( well OK), and he would have to have AT&T come mark where to dig and AT&T would have to set the pole. The installer then departed my residence and took my equipment that I payed to be shipped with him.

The next week came and went, no contact from anyone, the week after that came and went, no contact from anyone, after the second week of no contact, I called Directv. Directv said all they could do is send a installer back out for a install and instruct them to bring a pole.

The next available date for install was Aug 13th 2016.

As a loyal AT&T internet customer for over 2 years I expect a little assistance from AT&T with resolving this issue. I would much rather prefer Uverse however my friend the AT&T Technician says they refuse to replace my nearest box to a VRAD box.

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