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We have the hosting account with Arvixe since May 2014. In last month we have paid but the hosting account is down and when it was on it is very very slow and I can’t able to take even the backup.

I have made several calls, Emails and Chat but no reply from them and two to three days back they said we are back. and today the suspended my account for not payment but I have paid last month full but the server was not on then why I have to pay for the down time. I have request them just make it live to take a backup.

So I have request them in the chat but they rejected my request and said no you must pay then only we make your account active and then only you can take backup, but they are not even say any sorry to their customer and refund money for the down time.

HSA International – Al Ittihad Rd Dubai United Arab Emirates | 050-564-2721

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