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I have been coming here before work every other week. Usually it’s busy so I don’t blame them for taking there time but today was a whole different story. I pulled in to the gas station at about 6am. There was no cars so I was thinking that’s a big plus. I went in prepaid for $30.00 came back out and waited for the gas attendant…. Nothing.

There is 2 cashiers inside talking while I was paying, when I went back in to let them know that no one was out there they didn’t even respond just still kept on with there conversation. Then I just walked out to try to pump it on my own because I paid already.

It wouldn’t work. Other costumes started coming and going inside saying that there is no one outside to help and they got ignored too. We went out and waited longer. The other guy got in his car and left. A lady pulled up even waited, and while she was waiting they finally got done talking, the guy came outside and just left his job didnt even help anyone.

Right when I told her, you might as well leave I been here for 20mins, she was just about to get in the car, but the worker before he ran off, he was like no I help but she got in her car and just said screw this and left.

I was just surprised on how much they didn’t care about their customers when it wasn’t even busuy but yet they were just inside talking.

I left furious and just took my business to a different gas station since I was pretty much on a empty gas tank luckily I had enough to make it to the next chevron!

Arco AMPM – 1511 NE 102nd Ave Portland | 503-255-7851

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