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Today I decided to go to Am Pm to get my weekly fix of there delicious cookies and there slurpees. I go to pay for my things and I notify the employee that I will need cash back from my government benefits card, she says up to $40 dollars and I say cool, and then says that i can’t purchase my slurpees with food stamps. I say but I just bought a slurpees with my food stamps, and she replies with an attitude ” well I don’t know”.

Moments later i hear another employee behind me say “send her ghetto a*s on”. To which I immediately responded, “what did you say, send my ghetto a*s on?”, the look on his faced told me he didn’t think I heard him, but since I did, oops.

The second employee then began acting inappropriate and making sly and patronizing comments. I continue with my purchase and I ask the first employee for the number of the store so I can complain to corporate. I continued to say that her and fellow co-worker were rude and needed to take a class or two on customer service. I left livid.

Arco Am/Pm Mini Market – 111 W Ave K Lancaster CA 93534 | 661-949-7176

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