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I was running late so I decided to stop by Arby’s for fast solution for dinner. My husband is diabetic & has to eat close to the same time everyday or his blood sugar crashes. I pulled into Arby’s drive-thru. There were 3 cars ahead of me but I pulled right up to the speaker & placed my order.

The line moved up 1 car length & a car pulled in behind me. Everyone sat there & waited & waited. At that point you can’t pull out of the line because the curb is very high & then drops off a couple of feet. A car would high center if you tried. The second car behind me backed out & left but I was still penned in. Another car pulled up & waited a couple of minutes & then left.

I was hoping the car behind me would back out but the people were chatting & probably didn’t realize how long it had been Finally, we moved forward one car length so hopefully it wouldn’t be long now. Apparently, they got the order wrong because when they gave the man his food he looked through it & handed it back. I was waiting again but not very happily. If I could have driven over that curb I would have & gone to Subway, they were close. In the mean time my frozen food I had just purchased 20 minutes ago was thawing/melting.

Another 8 minutes passed before we pulled forward again. Finally, it was my turn & I was ready to get out of here. I checked my order because this Arby’s has gotten my order wrong or shorted me in the past. I was short a classic roast beef. I told the attendant & he took the bag back inside to get another one. It took 3 minutes.. When he came back I ask him for some Arby’s sauce & 2 horsey sauce he acted impatient & thru a handful in the bag.

No have a nice day or thanks for coming in or anything he just slammed the window. It took more than 15 minutes to get through the drive-thru. This is ‘fast food’ ? Sorry Arby;s I love those roast beef sandwiches but I won’t be back to this store . Unit 1999 Sun City AZ. ( Sales ticket #149645012 on 3/17/2016) Employee 10 Register 4 Order # 417 @6:44pm

Arby’s – 99th Ave & Bell Rd Sun City AZ 85373 | 480-516-1054

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