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I was employed by Arby’s and averaged 23 to 24 hours weekly. My Dad got Pneumonia and had it for approximately 3 weeks. When I wasn’t working I took care of my Dad. Well I got sick and ended up in the Emergency Room with a 102 fever.

The Dr. stated that I didn’t have Pneumonia but I had an upper respiratory infection which caused high fever, coughing and constant vomiting. The Dr. gave me a note and told me not to work for 4 days and prescribed antibiotics. I gave my employer the Dr. note. Once I got better and returned to work, I was constantly harassed by management for calling in sick. I was belittled by management in front of other employees and eventually my hours were cut to 13 a week which is not enough to support myself.

I had no choice but to quit and seek other employment. Numerous African American employees would refer to me as white trash and this was apparently condoned by management as they took no action. If I had used a racial slur, I would have been immediately fired.

Arby’s – 1657 US HWY 1 Ormond Beach FL 32174 | 386-671-9585

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