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Last year I signed a contract with Tate Publishing in Mustang, Oklahoma. I had heard about them briefly and also read many of the negative stuff on-line but after consulting with them they said they are very selective with what books they publish and take in their selection. It did not take long after I had sent the english version of the book that has been written about my life when I received a “welcome mail”, they said they were so happy to work with me and with the book and promised this and that. At this point they wanted to offer me a special deal with a speakers bureau as well as a bigger impression plan on line. This I would get for free IF i signed the contract and sent the fee within the next few days. The person who was handling this was always answering the phone and had very positive answers to my many questions. As I am blue eyed and looked at them as a ”christian company” that wants to get this life story out to glorify Jesus I signed the contract, came up with the over 4000$ and sent it to them via bank transfer. Even if I sent it by express they were on me about when the money is going to come and that they have not received them yet. I tried to explain that it takes time to wire money from Finland to the US and that is nothing that happens over night.

Finally they got their money and this is when the communication stopped. It was hard to get in touch with them. They did not answer the phone. Now the book was in proofing stage and even if I tried hard to tell them about what we needed to have on the cover and on the back cover text they did not get it. I am not sure if anyone of them even read the book or anyone of them heard about the band names as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Whitesnake, Status Quo that I wanted to use to market the book to a non christian audience since I played with members from those bands for years before I ended up on my deathbed.

The book about my life is a true miracle story as without Jesus I would not be alive. A verified miracle both from doctors and others but they did not show any interest in this. They said they have their system and that is how they work. Everything had changed since they got my money. To Tate Publishing 4000$ might be peanuts but for me it is lots of money as I don’t do what I do for the money.

We later entered the production stage and here we faced so many difficulties that I could not understand why they could not get things right. First of all they promised to have my book ready for November 2015 but when I came over to the US it was far away from done. They tried to silent everything down by saying they want to focus on making this book as good as possible. Well, there were many struggles and issues along the way and it was almost impossible to get hold of a person by phone at Tate Publishing. Nobody was answering the phone. When I had a friend call from another number, a US number they answered the phone immediately but when I tried to call I could not get them to answer.

During the stage of production there were MANY things that did not go as scheduled (have documentation in files if needed of correspondence). They did it as they wanted it and when I said that it has to be done different all they said was we do not do changes. This went on and on and on and I started to investigate Tate Publishing. I spoke with an agent in Oklahoma and they had many open complaints on file and they were talking in terms of ”a bigger case”. This is also documented in the correspondence file.

When I made clear that I was not going to let them fool me they contacted me and we had a three way phone call with CEO Ryan Tate and Vice President Mark Mingle. Today I realize that they manipulated me and again promises were made (the call is recorded and can be heard). Basically nothing of what Ryan Tate promised during this phone call has happened. I got my first 250 books and I was pleased with them. Still they were going to work on scheduling book signing events on the locations I were during my March trip but nothing happened.

I was later told that the official book release is June 7th and then they were going to blast the media. Now in June I received a mail from their first attempt to market the book to the media. A lame presentation of the book that I never have agreed with and the top of the iceberg was that it was sent to a few weird places in Finland. Why in the world do we want to market an english version of a book that already has been released in Finnish in Finland???? Their excuse was that they usually market in the home area of the author. Still they have NOT understood ANYTHING. I am not the author and the book is a life story about my life written by an author. It took they ages to understand this and again a few weeks back they wanted to clarify things about the author and have an author biography etc…. I mean I thought I was working with professionals but obviously they do not listen to anything else than the sound of the dollars that are sent in to them by their customers who have been fooled.

From Tate Publishing Mark Mingle states that the CEO can not be held responsible for these matters but I have the ”privilege” to have straight contact to the Executive Manager of Marketing, Terry Cordingley. Well, all that I have heard from him is that I am getting e-mails almost every single day where he just tries to sell more books to the authors. Nothing about marketing the books to the audience in the USA. Now it seems like the marketing of the book is the authors or mine responsibility. That was not what they first told me when they had me sign the contract and forced me to wire the money within the next two days IF I was going to get the extra package of marketing and promotion. Today I received a list of contacts to where they have sent out information about my book. They now expect ME to follow up on that???? Also I have not seen what they have sent but most likely same lame description that is not according to what I asked them to do and this will not get people attention at all.

I have given up on Tate Publishing and I know that I am going to get my money back one way or another. This is just to show the media and to warn other authors out there to NOT sign any kind of contract with Tate Publishing. I do not recommend them for five cents. They try to justify all the negative stuff on-line by saying those are authors that were not approved by them and people they don’t know. They claim they have 30 000 authors and only 100 complaints on file so it is not serious at all. In my eyes it is way more serious than they think. They owe money to different companies and they are charging people who believe they will have their life work out as a book but all they do, they do for the money. If their motives were different Mr. Ryan Tate would have had many chances to contact me personally by now and sort this out but nothing happens.

I presented this press release to Tate Publishing as well as chairman and founder Dr. Richard Tate. He wrote me back and said he was willing to ”chat” with me on Monday June 27th. Nothing happened and I reminded them all of that I was waiting on their call. Again I receive an e-mail stating that I had said I was off to Africa but reading my own e-mail it was clear that Africa is not coming up before July 12th. On Thursday June 30th I contacted them again. The same day I also received the press release that was sent out to over 1000 different places from Key Marketing Group (we are still investigating their connection with Tate Publishing). Reading the press release just gave me more proof about that they have not understood ANYTHING of what I have said or written. The press release was missing the most important ingredients that I have kept telling them over and over again. I received a mail back that they are not ”proofing” what is sent out to media with the authors and this is just one more proof and testimony about how Tate Publishing are handling their clients. As they thought I was off to Africa they did not contact me and I told them that I am waiting for their call and sent them my phone number. I did not hear anything from them but I received another e-mail saying they had an author visiting from North Carolina, so therefore they could not call me. I wrote them back ”no worries, it is a new day tomorrow”. Tomorrow came and I heard nothing.

August 10th I had sent a copy of the press release above I received an e-mail from founder and chair man Richard Tate that he wanted to handle the situation and we set up a time to talk. I first thought we had a good conversation and he promised that he was going to sort this thing out in one way or another. He even mentioned that he is going to give the staff one chance to answer and that he hope
no-one has to loose their job over this. He also said that we are going to find a way to work this out even if it ends with we go separate ways.As said I thought we had a good talk but still to this date I have not heard what the staff had to say. As I see it today Tate Publishing has won two months of time.

In our second phone call Dr. Richard Tate wanted me to send him my contacts and we already spoke about a few pastors in the US that he could contact. Now Dr. Tate is throwing everything back at me as I see no reason why I should send my connections for bookings when we are talking about marketing and selling a book. Also he writes that he is ”puzzled that those who I say would hel in this are not replying to his queries”. It is obvious that they are now blaming me on this.

Also during this time there has been one customer who ordered an e-book but never received a downloadable copy. Another customer from Finland ordered a book and in May, almost one month after the order was placed Mark Mingle confirmed it is in the sending process. I talked
to Mingle about this and he said it was returned. Also Tate Publishing charges around $30 to ship one book to Finland, claiming it is the cheapest option USPS is offering them. I have sent books and cd:s back and forth but never paid that much. The customer in Finland received her copy of the book after I had sent her one of my personal ones. In total she paid over $50 dollars for the book including shipping. She received the book three months late.

August 15th I have requested them to provide me with a written termination of my contract and why they have cancelled it. First I did not heard anything back. In the e-mail correspondence that I can provide you can read that Terri Cordingley first is threatening me to terminate the contract because I am going to send out ”a derogatory” press release about them. I told him that I should not call it ”derogatory”, it would bemore correct to use the term ”truth”. Then since Dr. Tate had promised (I can proof this) to handle this personally and he will be the only one taking care of this case, Terri Cordingley is threatening me the second time to terminate the contract as I refuse to speak to the ”Director of Marketing”. I just told him to go ahead and do that and in an e-mail dated August 12th he is saying that the contract has been terminated at my request. I told him to start the terminating process he spoke about. I still gave them an opportunity to get out of this in a nice way. Now they are
not responding to e-mails and they have never ever given me a phone call after they received my money. Before, they called to check when I was going to send the money.

In their last mail they even start to claim that I broke the law when I recorded the phone calls and because of non disclosure issues they are terminating my contract and there will be no further correspondence from their office. Still nothing in written about the termination of the contract just an e-mail that they say is enough.

The interesting thing is that Ryan Tate is saying that they do not know any of the people who are writing complaints about them on-line. They are people who have nothing to do with their company. Still they are authors who are victims like me. They even tried to send a termination contract where I was going to terminate the contract and say that it is all good and no refund is involved.

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