Racist act from employee - AM PM Convenience

The employee on register thought a black guy stole a pack of gum on April 9, 2016 on hemlock at ampm at around 1030am, she argued with them, then gave his change and told him don’t come back. She then started discussing what happen to every customer coming in and smiling.

It was my turn to be next in line; I’m a African American. She didn’t greet me like she did the other customers. She rang my order up and just gave me my change back not thanking me or saying anything. She even act as if she didn’t wanna touch my hand when she dropped the change in it.

I felt disrespected and people like that shouldn’t be working around customers of different race.

Ampm – 23145 Hemlock Ave Moreno Valley California 92557 | 951-485-4849

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