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At approximately 2:45 pm on my way home from work, I stopped at the Arco/AmPm on Peasley Canyon Rd between Federal Way annd Auburn. Upon reaching the counter I remarked at the price of Cigarettes $8.02 if you purchased 2 packs. I commented that they were much cheaper at the Arco/AmPm near my house.

The clerk (Clearly the manager on duty) stated that I must be mistaken because all the stores are required by corporate to have the same prices. I assured him they were indeed cheaper, but since I had stopped I would buy them. The clerk says, “Bring me a receipt, if it is as you say, I will give you 10 packs free” I laughed smiled and said ok as I headed out the door.

I drove to the other store in Auburn, purchased the same two packs at nearly $2 cheaper, asked for the receipt, got back in my car and retirned to the first store. I presented the receipt, and as he muttered and asked me repeatedly which store it was I could see he was not going to follow through with his “offer”.

While I waited, i got myself a slushie, as I approached the counter, I commented that I knew it was a waste to come back and that he was not going to honor his “offer”. Indeed he not only did not honor it, he couldn’t even offer to cover my slushie for my trouble, time or gas to return!

AMPM/ARCO – 3910 S 320th Auburn WA 98001 | 800-333-3991

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