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Supposedly I took out a loan from this American Web loan company however when asked to provide documentation to prove this was in fact a bill I had incurred, they started using a company called ERG and Associates to threaten me saying criminal charges were going to be filed. When I confronted this company saying I knew they were breaking the law by not adhering to the Fair Debt Collections Act and using extortion to try and get payments out of me they kept hanging up on me then today June 9, 2016 they contacted me pretending to be a Clackamas county sheriff.

Well I called the sheriffs office and they have no Deputy there by the name that was given to me and I also called 1-844-869-5396 (supposedly an attorneys office, I got a recording saying it was United Process Servers, So I looked them up called the number listed for United Process servers only to find out this company has now filed charges against ERG and Associates for using their name.

I have spoken with Local law enforcement who have confirmed this is a known scam, however they cannot do anything as this company is out of state.

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