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On 9/24/2015, I ordered an AS Marquette shower/tub faucet for installation in a customer’s home. It arrived with hairline cracks in the valve cartridge. This was a tear out due to water damage and I was through a major portion of the work when the faucet arrived.

The new plumbing was installed for this faucet and AS said it would be quicker to continue installation and they would overnight me another cartridge. Only, I didn’t realize they were going to charge me for the replacement cartridge and the overnight shipping, adding that to my credit card on file (I have done A LOT of business with AS).

5 days went by with the job stalled, and no cartridge. Emails went unanswered and phone calls dead-ended on hold. In the meantime, I searched everywhere for that cartridge, and was told every time that I would have to get it from AS. For five days, I had a family of 3 bathing at my house, more of an inconvenience for them than me, but nonetheless, totally unnecessary and totally the fault of AS.

On the 6th day, one shop called me back and sent me to an old plumber who just happened to have one. I drove 60 miles to his house, paid him $40.00 for the part and finished the job. On day 7, the part arrived in a flimsy wrapper and of course, was filled with hairline cracks. I refused it on the spot and contacted AS.

I have received no refund for anything and now it is 9/23/2015 and they haven’t responded to approximately a dozen emails and countless phone calls. Faucet $145.00..valve and shipping $55.00..valve from plumber $40.00 fuel $50.00 driving time for any number of dead ends = 8 hours $160.00 ( I charge half rate for time spent driving for parts) electricity to power my water heater for 5 nights for a family of three – $40.00.

Total monetary loss $490.00 and enough aggravation to cease my family’s decades-long account with AS.I will never buy anything from them ever again. They are not only worthless, they are abusive.

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