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The Home American standard Program ripped me off now from about four years ago. I have been trying to get the money I put on the account, I have never received my money back from them.

I am now homeless, living paycheck to paycheck. When I finally reach someone in the company to inquire on how to get the money back they told me that because my account has expired they can no longer refund my deposit, or use the account. Initially when paying the money they never sent me an updated list that was promised. I was never able to use this account on top of paying them money, I believe that this company is made up of scum and I know they steal from the poorer population. Because of this company’s actions I am homeless with two children and a disabled adult as well.

Do not feed into this program because they will just take your money, as if life is not bad enough being homeless. Believe me life does get worse!

Home American Standards – 1187 Coast Village Rd Suite 1-555 Montecito CA | 877-395-1296

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