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I went to AMPM this evening, December 11, 2015 in Livermore CA, off of Vasco Road, and i purchased a pack of swisher sweets. I got to my car and proceeded on my way home.

I opened the package of swishers before getting out of the car, and they were stale, and completely broken in half. I drove back to AMPM to see if I could get another pack of swishers, since the ones i just bought were not smokeable. The man at the front counter told me he could not replace my broken cigars with a new pack.

Okay no problem.

So then I just asked if i could get my couple dollars back. The worker said there was literally nothing he could do, and went on to blame his boss, saying hes the one who wont let him do anything about it. So they took my money, my time, and i still have no swisher sweets.

Very rude, and disappointing. Doesn’t make sense to me how you can sell bad product to people and get away with it.

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