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I have had this mortgage company since August of 2015. My bank has proved the mortgage has been enjoying electronically transference and received. I have confirmed settings on my account with the bank, by the letter sent by the mortgage company Seterus. I continue to have to prove my accountability WHEN will they prove they can handle money for the largest loan a individual will ever have “A Mortgage”. We all make mistakes, but I and my bank has proved this for a year. January and February 2016 no letters, now June 2016 they need proof for March, April, May and June their record show delinquent? I am sick of this! Enough who does something about this?

It’s harassment to continue to prove my payments? Not to mention they have sent a account statement and have listed late charges when the money has cleared my account way much before the due date? HOW do they get a license to handle money and make people’s lives miserable? When do they start paying me for what they are not doing? The dollar amount listed 3786.00 is the mortgage they can’t find in their bank, not to mention time off of work for me and continued stress wondering what next. Why should I pay a lawyer for them to have a professional license to do this to people’s lives.

I am sure their are people who just deal with or people who lost homes due to the fact they can’t hire a lawyer because they paid their mortgage ? Really? Now next they will sell the mortgage and I will have to prove monies paid to a old mortgage company, and the new will show delinquent. Not to mention my escrow is included in the mortgage! I am sick and tired! They are clowns who can not perform the act they took on! Damaging my life why should I pay to prove I am doing the rite thing?

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