Got scammed and crapped on by them again - Americas Auction Network

I bought 2 different coins from this AANTV company an auction network from St. Pete Florida. They gave me a real bunch of crap they told me after months of trying to get some one to call me back or answer my e-mail that they over sold the coins bull crap again like always. I finally got ahold of some one after trying for over a month and then they said it was over sold both times 2 weeks apart on a coin that they sold for too cheap so they don’t want to delivery on their promise as always.

I have been buying from them for awhile now and this is not the first time but it is the last that you can be sure of. This is because of a spat over a call I made trying to purchase a coin set and the thing is I called even before the coin set was priced or the coins were being showed I already knew what they were and I waited for over 25 minutes for some to answer the phone and then again as always we are sold out they use this to get out of selling the coins to you when they find out they made a mistake on their part always. I had a little spat because of waiting for over 25 minutes to get just one of their phone operators to answer then that is when it started.

I hope no one will buy from these thieves and that is just what they are thieves . This company is a scam and they sell you crap junk and then it is your fault you bought from them and don’t even try to send it back my god that is the end if you try to do that. The main thing is they are not suppose to remove the funds from your account until the items are shipped out, but they take out the money first thing that night or day. And then they scam you out of it, or try to make you pay for restocking when they don’t even have the items in hand to sell. I am sure this is against the law in all states for an auction house to sell with out having it on hand. And then when they can’t get it they try to get some of your money for nothing.

This company is a scam and the auctioneers are scum also they tell you on the show that they consider their customers family if they treat their family like this then no wonder they don’t ever hear from them. I am saying to all involved with this AANTV do not do buss. with them they are scammers and their items are junk and they rip you off every time. I am asking for the good people of America to boycott this scamming company. Lets put them out of buss. for good. They suck and they rip you off every time. Don’t be fooled by their lies and they lie a lot.

AANTV. It is not Americas auction network it is the scamming network. If you want to buy anything from them, then you are just dumb because they will steal and then laugh at you while they are spending your money on themselves; scammers and scumbags.

They pretty much lied to me and then stole my coins, because once I paid for them they belonged to me not them and then they tell me. Oh we over sold them when you sit and watch them count the items down until they say they are sold out but that was not the situation on these nights. They are just liars and thieves.

Stay away from AANTV (Americas Auction Network) unless you need to give your money away. In that case send it to me if you want to throw it away. I can use it to help take care of my mother at 90 and the veterans. AANTV is scam and they are lying thieves.

AANTV (Americas Auction Network) – 800-269-9629

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