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The Dollar General Company has serious issues as far as customer service. I use to like Dollar General a lot. I shopped at their stores for years and years. From Jacksonville, Arkansas where we use to live and now, here in Moore, Oklahoma. I have written their Corporate Office many times before giving compliments regarding their stores that I have shopped at. I always get a response.

Now, I discovered that if your comments are on the negative side, you will never get any response from them. I expressed my concerns with Corporate Office via their website last week and wrote then again when they did not response. Nothing from them yet.

My concerns were about their Store # 4170 located at 1000 City Avenue in Moore, OK. The aforementioned store is temporarily closed. They have a sign that the store is closed due to remodeling. It is true that the store is under remodeling but they are not telling you why they are remodeling.

The are remodeling because the store is infested with kitten sized rats. Before they discovered the problem, you can smell the rodents when you go inside the store. There many dead rats with maggots eating on them. Pet food bags bitten through them.

I contracted bacteria from Macaroni and Cheese purchased from them. I was given medication and anti-biotic for a month. My doctor asked me if I had any contact with rodents or sheep/livestock. (Funny at the time). Of course I had no contact with rodents or sheep/livestock. But now I know that I could have had contact with rodents.

I told them that I was not going to do anything as far as filing a suit and even though they are ignoring my issue, I am going to contact the BBB, Attorney General and the Health Department.

Dollar General – 1000 City Ave Moore OK 73160

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