Scam – Avoid! Refusing To Allow Me To Withdraw. - ZoomTrader

Zoomtrader is a scam!

Please avoid zoomtrader, they are refusing to allow me to withdraw.

My account manager has repeatedly lied to me. Their signal software promised an accuracy of 75%, when in truth it was 38%. I complained to my account manager and he said that ‘other clients had also complained and that he would investigate the problem and assured me that it would be rectified and that i would recoup the £120 lost on that morning. When he eventually replied after several more requests for help, he told me that it was my own fault for placing the trades.

He also promised to upgrade my signal software or allow me access to their ‘own’ software if it was not resolved and guess what……Nothing!

Please avoid zoomtrader, If anyone wants more information please feel free to contact me

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