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I obtain a life vest from zoll corporation after a heart attack; i was still in the hospital recovering after double stent surgery, i didn’t realized that what i was signing for was a 1 month lease of the vest and no one from the company explained that.

When i realized, 2 days later that i had to pay close to $1000.00 dollars, i contacted the company about returning the vest and they were very helpful. But no one at this point mention anything about the lease, they just gave me the information and means to return the vest the insurance paid over $2000. Dollars and i said to myself good that would probably sufficient.

It wasn’t till about a month or more that i got a bill for my portion $867. Dollars. I try to reason with the company but to no avail. I don’t feel responsible for the difference since i return the vest after the 2nd day.

I am trying to warn others that there is no clinical evidence that the life vest saves lives but you are almost scared in to wearing it. If i had kept the vest i would feel responsible for the payment but i don’t. I already file a complaint with the better business but the company offer to reduce the cost if i fill out a form about what i make and have in my bank account and i decline to fill out since i don’t want to disclose any of my personal information. So the better business felt they try to solve it, so they close the case.

Again i don’t feel responsible. Even i sign papers while still in the hospital medicated and scare to death that if i didn’t were it i could die. But when i did research on the vest i found out that 98 percent of the people that wear it and 98 percent of the people that don’t wear it live.

Thanks again don’t know what else to do

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