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I paid $2.57 more per 2x6x12 from Owen Lumber for Yella Wood than I could have bought treated lumber from Lowe’s. Within two weeks the boards that were tightly spaced upon installation had half in gaps in them.

Worse than that was the cracking. I have boards with one eighth inch wide cracks in them for the entire length of the board and some are split all the way through the thickness of the 2×6.

When I complained a sales rep from both Yella Wood and Owen Lumber came to my house to see my new deck. The first thing out of their mouths was “that’s what wood does”. Then I showed them the two satellite decks (off of bedrooms) that I had redone a year ago with lumber from Lowe’s that still look great.

The Owen Lumber rep offered to send out a dozen or so replacement boards but stated that he could not guarantee that the replacement boards would not crack in the same way and possibly even worse. What a lousy product.

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