Winning 2.5 Million and a new CAR - Publisher’s Clearing House

Cell Number has been chosen as a winner of 2.5 million and a new 2016 convertible, from and affiliate of the Publishers Clearing House. I just need to go to Wal-Mart and send them $305.95 to Mr. Kenneth Anderson to cover the taxes on the car. And then they would deliver my new car and the money. If I am not comfortable with Wal-Mart I can go to Wells Fargo and put the money in account # 3318525544 routing # 529700399.

And when I get the Receipt call them back and they will tell me what time they will be at the house with my money and car. Yes person has a strong accent and many people in the back ground noise, and coaching on the phone.

This has to be a scam and it sure hurts to know there are so many thieves among us. BEWARE

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