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I am writing or trying to write to MSNBC to ask them to change their programming in order to improve their standing.

Right now MSNBC has the lowest rating of all the news station which I agree is correct, because of the way they have their programming set up.

My complaint is the way MSNBC has their programming running hour after hour saying exactly the same thing, with the same statements at the opening of each hour that this is BREAKING NEWS. And yet this news is very OLD news when you get to 10PM at night.

And why can’t there be variety in the way the news is presented. It is the same news repeated over and over again through each hour by different hosts but nothing new through these hours. Fox doesn’t do that. CNN doesn’t do that. Why does MSNBC have to do that??

Also on the weekends and later at night, MSNBC is off the air. Or at least their programming is gone. I mostly see things about prisons and caught on camera events. What is this about. Why can’t msnbc continue to share their news around the clock like Fox and CNN??

My complaint is simple. MSNBC used to be good. It was the only news station I watched. And now I look somewhere else because of the silly and boring way they are operating..

That is my complaint.

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