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The other night I received a 50$ bill from Safeway. I went to use this bill to buy my two year old dinner at Wendy’s on Broadway. After ordering the first employee took my money and cleared it as real but the other manager, who made us wait so she could finish her cigarette outside, barely had the bill in her hand for a moment and before I could say or do anything she said it was a fake bill and disappeared into the back claiming she was calling the cops. Not only did she take the bill and left she also refused us our food.

I have a two year old and a six week old baby as well. I even told her that it was my only money and I couldn’t buy my daughter dinner because of it. I had nothing, nothing at all for her, my daughter, to eat. Not only was she rude and disrespectful but she couldn’t even be a human being and have the compassion to give us a burger for my daughter.

She acted as though we were guilty of something. She said she called the cops yet they didn’t arrive for some time I eventually called them myself after just a few minutes of wondering what was really going on.

I’m upset with my treatment by Wendy’s staff and honestly who’s to say she didn’t switch the bills, either way the situation should’ve been handled in a professional manner and yet I found it was humiliating and horribly disrespectful.

Wendy’s – Broadway Everett Wa 98201

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