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I purchased a sofa with zero percent if I paid it full within one year, what a deal right? Well the truth is that they only give you ten months to pay but that is not the way it is advertised and this is placed in the small print, something to the effect that they can change the time frame whenever they want to.

Well, I noticed this at month ten so I paid the amount that was posted on my balance on the internet. (Or I thought that was the amount.) Well apparently they charged me a late fee which I did not see on the pay off charge so I ended up being $6.00 short of the pay off and they would not honor my check for the payoff because of this $6.00. They offered me a ‘deal’ only for the next 24 hours though, they would give me a 50% discount which amounted to about $74 dollars if I paid the balance TODAY.

To save the $74 I paid it and closed the account. I was told since I closed this account I could never participant in this super duper special offer ever again with any furniture store that offered the Wells Fargo Wham Bam Thank you Ma’am Special. Well, I simply stated, Thank God!!!

I so appreciate not get screwed anymore by these thieving bastards.

Wells Fargo Financial – PO Box 660041 Dallas, tx 75266 0041 United States | 800-459-8451

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