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I go to this waffle house at least 3 times a week for years. I know that all WH managers usually cook or do something not at this one. The manager at this one sits at low counter yelling at workers it is embarrassing to them you can tell on their faces. I also overhear gossip about workers and their problems as she tells other customers. I want whoever is in charge of this woman to let her know that she is loud and is lazy. I can see at times this store is packed she sits there and yells never once getting up.

This used to be a wonderful happy to eat now I go in there just to see if anything has changed. I have watched the upper management come in and she jumps up and acts as if she has been working – NOT. Why is this store different from all the others. People if you want to have a fun wh experience don’t enter these doors. Gingercake and Hwy 54 in Fayette Ga Spare yourself

Waffle House – Gingercake and Highway 54 Fayetteville GA

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