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E-letter complaint I filed with the FCC, we shall see…
I have an LG G2 phone with Verizon. Recently it auto-updated to the most recent OS Google Lollypop which promptly disabled the phone. I contacted Verizon and was told they were “working on a fix”. This transpired approximately mid-May. Prior to the update the phone dropped calls, could not maintain a bluetooth connection and the screen blacked out frequently for a second or two. The Verizon agent offered to replace the phone at no charge to me and sent a replacement, a “Certified Like-New Replacement device”. Upon arrival I loaded the apps I use, I did not do a “backup and restore” as I’d been informed by Verizon that could download whatever was causing the issue.

After a few days the replacement device was

1) attempting to update to the new Lollypop OS;

2) dropping calls;

3) frequent blacking out of the screen;

4) unable to maintain a bluetooth connection – the exact same issues that prompted the exchange.

On May 30th I received an email from Verizon stating the problem with my phone was not covered under warranty and I was being charged $299.00 for the “Certified Like-New Replacement device”, the email stated: “Please take a moment to view the pictures of your returned device below. An arrow indicates the damage. ” but there was no picture attached (http://www.tonydmarketingwizard.com/images/verizon_email_charges.PNG) and “your original device will not be returned”.

All this boils down to my being charged $299.00 for a replacement phone that has the same issues which prompted the exchange in the first place. I have requested Verizon simply return my original non-functioning LG G2 and offered to pay the shipping costs and was informed this was not an option.

I am wondering what options I have available to get my original phone returned, so far Verizon is adamant that I am on the hook for a charge of $299.00 for the non-working phone. I would like Verizon to 1) return the original LG G2 or 2) waive the $299.00 and I’ll live with the issues.

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