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Verizon Wireless Customer Service really means “customer no service” and their motto is “The Customer is always wrong”

I was on a family plan of 5 people. The other 4 left as soon as their contracts expired. I seldom use a phone, have an old flip phone and no data and they promised me a $25. per month basic plan. Last month I paid $181.66 because they said the others still had a balance and if it didn’t get paid my phone would be disconnected, but on the bright side I would be back down to my $25.

I just found out my phone had been disconnected for non-payment. I have been on the phone with 4 different people, been disconnected, waited on hold and finally found they had sent my bill to the wrong address. The bill I must pay to get it reinstated is $288. Since I didn’t have a bill in front of me I just could not understand the problem.

I am 66 years old with a medical problem and my phone is more or less an answering machine and usable if I have an emergency. They said that one of the other people was not quite out of contract so they charged $220. for that but hadn’t actually billed them and sent mine to the wrong address. They would not reinstate me unless I paid the entire bill even though it is their fault they never billed the other person (who by the way was the account holder).

Therefore here I am a senior citizen with a flip phone with no data and no usage and I paid $181.66 last month and now another $288. this month. But hey Verizon actually agreed to turn my phone back on without a fee! How nice of them to do that being it was their mistake in the first place.

On my way to Cricket Wireless to get a free phone and $25. service.

Good riddens to a really bad rubbish company.

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