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Note: The dollar amount of the impact is undetermined at this time, since they are immediately placing me in collections.

I had a Verizon Wireless account for several years, I believe around 6 or so and I decided to try out T Mobile for some extra/cheaper data; originally planning on just a hotspot, but finding it better to just go with an unlimited cell plan with tethering available. I figured I would keep my Verizon phone, fearing a terrible network with T Mobile, but was pleasantly surprised. This was in June.

In August, my VZW contract was over and having despised carrying around 2 phones all the time and not being disappointed by T Mobile, I decided to officially put my Verizon number over to T Mobile. I initiated the transfer from T Mobile and I figured I’d hop on my Verizon account to pay my bill. That’s when I realized my account was already acting up. I could login, but I couldn’t do much; my number wasn’t even ported yet! So I figured it would be OK once the number finished porting, I mean, I still had a user id in addition to my cell phone number.

I was wrong. I could login for a few weeks, but couldn’t get to anything and it would redirect me to an error page, which redirected me to again login. So, I thought fine… they will send me a paper bill. No big deal. Then, a few weeks later, I started receiving incessant phone calls which came up in reverse lookup as Verizon. Never did they leave voicemail, they just kept retrying. Luckily, my number is a Google Voice #, so I sent them straight to voicemail.

I’m sorry, but I do NOT have a bill in hand and I am NOT going to pay anything over the phone if someone claims to be Verizon or for which I do not have the itemization of the billing to dispute any charges. So, now about a month later, with non-stop calls over the past week, I now receive a collections notice. This has been only ONE MONTH since my service ended. Clearly they have my address on file, because…HEY they sent me a collections notice! I still don’t have a paper bill and I do not know the breakdown of my charges, because the online access has been removed. There is absolutely NO REASON to terminate a user’s online access to their account because they closed it. It could remain open. Other companies do it ALL THE TIME!

Furthermore, I don’t have the bill that I deserve to have in my hands before a payment is submitted and no it’s not excusable to say I had “a” bill available to me before I ported my number. I figured there were going to be final or prorated charges and that I would still have access to my account. Why would I have downloaded it? And, it’s no doubt that the last bill I could have seen doesn’t contain all of the current balance.

Verizon is setting customers up to be thrown into collections as a way to take their ball and go home when someone cancels their service and to be honest, I hadn’t been upset with them when I chose to leave. There was a chance I’d come back…was being the key phrase. These unfair billing practices are inexcusable and I am not at all regretting leaving a company that would do such a thing.

I should not be subject to any late fees or credit reporting for not having access to even find my account number, copies of bills, or contact information. I also should not be harassed by phone calls when you haven’t had the courtesy to send a proper bill after removing my account access!

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