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I signed onto a family plan with Verizon with myself and two other people (my girlfriend and her son). After a year, I took a job in another state and my girlfriend stayed where she was. We decided it might be best to separate our phone plans. We called Verizon and asked if she and her son could separate from my account and have their own account. Verizon said yes. I asked if all of their charges (for their phones and their plan) would go with them and my charges (for my phone and my plan) would remain with me. Verizon said yes. So, I agreed to let my girlfriend and her son create a separate account.

But, when I got the bill, Verizon kept their phones on my account, so that they don’t have to pay for their phones. Verizon claims I have to continue paying for the phones, even though the phones are on a different account. Had the Customer Rep told me that, I would have never agreed to separate the account. The Rep specifically said the bill for their phones would follow them onto their account. Which means, either the rep lied or Verizon dropped the ball and now refuses to rectify the situation.

To add insult to injury, Verizon also charaged me $250 for the 11 days we were on the shared plan. But note: our monthly bill (30 days of service) only came to $247. Which means, I am being charged more for 11 days than I paid for an entire month. Of course, they used all kinds of Mickey Mouse creative financing terms to try and justify the amount, but I’m sorry… 11 days of service will never (under any circumstances) equal more than 30 days of service. But, Verizon insists I have to pay it and refuses to rectify the situation. If we, as consumers, tried to do this to a business, we’d go to prison. But, not untouchable corporate giants.

Verizon is guilty of 1) willfully and knowingly overcharging me and 2) purposely withholding pertinent financial information concerning my plan that I would never have agreed to if I had known the truth. I have canceled my service with Verizon and have sent them a money order for the remaining balance of what I owe (for the services I have used at the price I was contracted to pay). However, I will not pay their “overpricing scam” and I will not pay for two phones attached to another contract.

As far as I am concerned, Verizon is nothing but a big business scam and I will tell everyone I can to avoid doing business with them.

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