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I have had issues with Verizon Wireless for over 2 years now. I occasionally run behind on making payments but then make the payments up the following month. Other times I pay my bill after the due date and make the payment for the month that is due and pay following month at the same time making two (2) payments.

After pulling my payment history I realized that I have made 42 payments in a 39 month period, and yet Verizon Wireless states that I not only owe for the current month but also am past due for the previous month, and now has disconnected my services. At this point if I were to make these payments, I would pay 44 payments in a 39 month history.

After speaking with several reps, who always states I was past due for this month or some other month that I am still past due. The Verizon Wireless Rep stated at first they could only review the records for 12 months, but after some time actually pulled records for 18 months. During this conversation with Terrica, the Verizon Wireless rep, it was determined that 18 payments have been made in the last 18 months, however she stated that I was past due when these payments were made.

This is not all to this story;
A little over 2 1/2 years ago, I purchased a second line from Verizon Wireless where I received an out of date I-Phone for business usage. The extra line was added to my current bill at that time. After 1 week, my employee quit and I went to the store to return the phone and was told there would be a $35.00 re-stocking fee. I was going to go ahead and give them the phone, however the store refused to take the phone in because they said I was past due on my account. I did not have time to argue the point because I was traveling to Miami Florida on a RICO case I was working at the time and was told I could send the phone back into Verizon. On my way out of town I called Verizon Wireless and got the rep to give me the address to send the phone back to Corporate headquarters in Dallas Texas. I sent the phone into the address that was given to me and proceeded on my trip thinking everything was taken care of. The following month, the second line was still on my bill. After dealing with this issue for over a month, I was finally told that they never received the phone. I could not find my tracking receipt at that time so the account was suspended for several months. This issue was never resolved resulting in me paying Verizon Wireless for over two (2) years for a phone and second line that never had any usage.

That second line dropped off in March 2015 and I called Verizon Wireless to make sure I would not be charged for the second line any longer. I was assured by the rep this was handled. In April I received my bill and low and behold I was still being charged for the second line. I called in had to speak with four (4) reps before I received the credit. Then Verizon Wireless only credited me for one month.

I just received my bill tonight and now I am not being charged the rates that I am supposed to be under contract. Furthermore I was told nothing could be done about my phone being disconnected until the bill was brought current. Once again I had the conversation with the re explaining that I have overpaid Verizon Wireless and should be current.


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