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We have been customers of Verizon for several years now. Recently, we have decided to go to Sprint since they would pay off our phones and termination fees. I have requested April 21st, 2015 when we transferred over, to receive a final bill. They send me a statement that they say is the final bill. This is not the finaL BILL. Sprint needs a final BILL that has all the costs totaled in amount owed showing these fees. I take my documents to the Sprint store who tell me they can not use it. I NEED a final BILL!

So, for the last 4 weeks, I have been trying to get a final bill from Verizon with what I need to give to Sprint. I believe those individuals who cannot get a job flipping burgers work for Verizon. This is such a pain. I informed them that I need these documents in 30 days because Sprint gives you a 60 day window for them to pay these charges. Again, Sprint will not accept this since it is not a final bill and Verizon will not send me one. The bill they send me only shows a month of service and termination fees for the total. It does not have the phones included.

I have argued with this incompetent people numerous times. I explain to them that I am trying to get this account settled, but they are not assisting me in doing so. I also tell them that if they fail to give me the required documents after the deadline, I will not pay anything. Funny, I get a letter one May 21st, 2015, stating that if the past due balance is not paid, the full amount for what I owe with the phones will be due immediately. So, if I do not pay, I will get this bill which will probably be too late.

This practice is unethical to not assist a customer to help them pay a bill. I have also filed with FTC & FLAG. That lady that is suing Verizon for causing her to have a heart attack is right on. You could definitely get one talking to these dipS**ts. Interesting, they have told me they will put it into collections and I told them I do not give a rats a$$ what they do since I recently went through Bankruptcy and my credit is already shot. I basically told them to bring whatever they want, nothing to get.

I am thinking about filing a small claims case against them for the cost of the edge agreements and the termination fees since they are not allowing me to get credit for them.

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