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I thought this was a music fan social networking website but it is far from anything legitimate.

I tried their “free account” and it seemed alright, and possibly a good way to meet other people who are fans of alternative or independent music. However, I was totally wrong. Immediately, minutes after I paid the $20 for 1-year “Premium Membership” they locked me out of my user account so I could not access my page on the website. There is no phone number provided to deal with any consumer issues.

There wasn’t even an address. So I began to wonder if I should cancel my credit card not even knowing if this company indeed was a real business or a fraud operation. What they actually are is a fraud operation which masquerades as a music fan social networking-type website.

I had to create myself another “free account” just to be able to search the “free” part of website and locate a barely even visible link to webmaster. I clicked this and a tiny message popped up telling me “no site webmaster”.

By now, I felt sick not knowing who or what I just gave my Visa card number to and what they would do with my card number. I kept searching their website and again I found another tiny link, barely even visible, to send a message to “administrators”. I clicked it and a form popped up to “report an issue”. Thinking at least this appears to be a sign that this company is legitimate, I filled out the entire form clearly and concisely, explaining that they’d charged my credit card and I could not use the service because “administrators” had locked my user account so that i couldn’t access it, immediately after they’d charged my Visa. The form said give them up to 48 hours to reply, so I waited. About 12 hours later, i checked back at the website. I couldn’t access their site at all and the message said the free account I’d made to “submit an issue” of my Visa being charged but no service ever being provided had been deleted by administrators!

The message also had a weird note on it that said “Here’s our Hate-O-Rade to you”, whatever that’s even supposed to mean.

So I again made another free account and filled out another “submit an issue” form but this time I stayed online. A person named Matt Uhlman who claims he is one of the website’s acting administrators and based out of Canada, wrote me an obscene message as a reply to the issue I’d submitted regarding my Visa.

Mr. Uhlman said in his reply that it was “too f—–g bad (they) had charged my Visa but I never got anything. The customer is never right in (their) opinion”. He told me any payment was made at my own risk. He asked me to authorize another payment and “maybe they could provide me with something”. I refused this. He then offered sexual favors.

I logged off their website and called my bank to report fraud.

Matt Uhlman told me they have no way to deal with any credit refunds or to correct errors and it was the customer’s loss if that happens. All they are able to do is charge credit cards, but not correct errors or refund it back.

My bank is dealing with this as chargeback for no service given as promised, which I’d paid for.

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