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‎I am VERY displeased with the TV services that I have received and have only been a customer for 21 days. During that time, the service has frozen at least 7 times. The first time I called technical support and was able to resolve the issue by unplugging the device and restarting it. That’s been the process for the other times as well. It doesn’t record a complete show, I’m not able to watch some channels when the main TV is off.

I called to cancel because I’m within 30 days and was told that I still had to pay the cancellation fee. For WHAT? I had the service for 21 days and had to deal with bad services.

I agreed to have a technicians come out on 01/17/2015 between 8-12. But I am still canceling. My mind is made up. I paid $147 to have the services installed and first month. I don’t think this should be acceptable because if it’s not the customer’s faulty, the company should bear the responsibility.

I am going to contact Better Business Bureau because that is NOT fair to have to pay more than $500 for less than a month of terrible TV services.

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