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This past Christmas H.H. Gregg ran a promotion on TV for a 60″ LG television for $488 the Saturday before Christmas. Now I’m smart enough to know that they do this to try to get people into your stores and they only allow a small number of TV’s at this price for each store.

Fine… I’m old enough that I’ve seen this tactic many times. So I was not surprised when I arrived Saturday that all of the $488 TV’s were gone. I was also not surprised when the salesman tried to get me to buy a different model of 60″ TV for $800. That tactic is known as ” bait and switch ” if you are not aware.

What really upset me was that the store did not have anyone answering their telephones Saturday morning. I wanted to call to see if all of the $488 TV’s were gone and save myself a 25 minute drive into the Grove City store. Instead they had a recording playing.

So, I had to make the drive. When the salesman told me his store was out of the TV I wanted, I asked if he could call another H.H. Gregg store to see if they had the $488 TV. He refused. He said he was not allowed to call another store to check on availability.

Needless to say, I felt ‘ screwed over ‘.

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